SUNDAY 16-6-19

Fortunately we both woke early. This was a blessing because we knew that there was a road race in the village starting at 09:00. The thought of being stuck behind packs of Lycramen along these country roads was a bit daunting. So up we got scrubbed up and prepared the vehicle for leaving. We were out of the village by just after 08:00 which was a great result as our journey was made so much easier and more pleasurable. Not only were we well ahead of the bikers but most folk were probably still at home enjoying their Sunday morning lie in and breakfast.

There wasn’t an obvious route home from and so I’d just punched our postcode in to the satnav and just sat back and waited to see which way it took us. The route it took was pretty good I have to say and we went via Warwick and Coventry then on to the M6 to pick up the A14. We were just eight miles or so from Huntingdon when we hit the well signed detour as they had closed the A14 at junction 20. Rather than send us in roughly the same direction but across country for a few miles, we were sent all the way back down the A14 to junction 13 at Thrapston to pick up the A605 to Peterborough, miles north of where we wanted to be. The whole detour added an hour to our journey. Why the hell they couldn’t have bought us off at junction 13 in the first place rather than have us double all the way back I have no idea.

Our next port of call was at the Morrison’s supermarket at St Ives where I topped up the LPG cylinders at the filling station ready for our next trip and then popped over to the restaurant for a Full English, having decided on the way home that rather than pull over for our breakfast, we’d keep going and have a cooked breakfast to spare us from having to worry about lunch.

Due to it being Fathers Day the place was heaving, not helped by there being a discount on their largest breakfast, which most people seemed to be ordering resulting in a thirty minute wait. Never mind, we weren’t going anywhere.

There was an added bonus in that Daniel and Holly were in there with baby Amelie, granddaughter of Alan and Janice, my former paper boy some 45 years ago. She’s five months old now and adorable with lots of smiles.

Needless to say, when we stepped outside we were in bright sunshine, and by the time we arrived home I felt silly wearing a long sleeved shirt in such warm weather. It had taken six days to bring on the sunshine. Never mind, we don’t plan to do it again.

That’s it now until our next extended trip which will commence early September and take in a tour around the coastline of France followed by a short tour around Northern Italy visiting a few old haunts and lots of new ones.

God-willing we’ll see you then.