26. Mar, 2017


26. Mar, 2017


26. Mar, 2017


26. Mar, 2017

SUNDAY 26-3-17

Something quite unsettling and scary must have happened during the night. I swear we must have been abducted by aliens. 'They' must have taken us to their spaceship for further medical examination prodding and poking. This would make sense as some bits of me ached and it was either as a result of something unspeakable having been done to me, or another 'nudge' from The Chef. Somehow or other, we lost an hour in time and that is the only conclusion I can come up with.

I am convinced I was fed subliminal messages during this unconscious ordeal. 'Do something for them' I kept hearing, 'Do something for them'. Well I was confused as to what 'They' meant. Then it came to me - ugly women, of course, ugly women, they have suffered for so many years. It was I who was to 'Do something for them'.

Feeling under pressure, should 'They' become impatient with me, and inspired by Nicola Sturgeon, I came up with my solution - paper bags over the head.

Not just any paper bags this time, no, we needed to take a major leap forward, we needed to recognise the multicultural society we now live in. Up until now it has been only light brown bags which have been available. I now propose that in order to reflect all people's living in the UK, both working in and sponging off the taxpayer,  we should introduce - multi-coloured paper bags. This time they are to be produced in five colours, white, black, light brown, dark brown and yellow. They will be sold in packs of five, foil-wrapped and sold next to the condoms. This will truly liberate ugly women and give them the same opportunities as better looking birds to have a happy and fulfilling love life. There will also be a 'Deluxe' range, which will have pictures of attractive women printed on the paper bags, for those illegal immigrants who look to marry such women in order to get a British passport, this will be a boon.

Further down the line there is to be a 'Gay Man' version, this will be very similar, except the bags will have printed pictures of people like Rock Hudson and Julian Clary on them, with the major added bonus of being printed on both sides and thus able to be worn back-to-front.

We set out for a nice walk along the promenade on our way to the Chinese Shop in town (these days there is more than one) to see if we can buy a small mat to sit at the bottom of the step of the habitation door. We were due to take up the large camping mat from the pitch this afternoon and it would be useful to have something there to wipe off the gravel from the pitch before entering the vehicle.

It was a lovely walk on a warm sunny day, and fortunately without the cool breeze of yesterday.

Once at the Chinese shop we went hunting, coming up with what we think is the perfect solution, and it only cost about £4.

Then it was back 'home' for lunch. Today I was treated to a feast of the last two fish fingers and the rest of the frozen chips, served with a fresh crusty baguette bought from the campsite restaurant, as the shops are shut today. The taste of this fare was enhanced by large dollops of Heinz Tomato Ketchup. Who says you can't enjoy seafood in Spain?

We have been plagued by Spanish kids playing in and around the campsite pitches. I even wound up my electronic translator to find out what was Spanish for 'Not Permitted'. I thought I'd keep it simple because the kids don't seem to spend much time at school here.

There were lots of very loud bangs coming all the way from Castellion this afternoon at 14:00, this being the last day of their Magdalena Festival. What with that and the Germans in the pitches around us having a good loud chat in their native tongue it really was like being in a war film.

Later The Chef and I wandered up to the Petanque pitches for a bit of a play, only to find we had them all to ourselves. This being 'Mothers Day' I let The Chef win both games!

On our return it was time to take up the big nylon camping mat which sits outside the motorhome. I tried to help, but it's a job The Chef much prefers to do on her own. Whilst she was busy slowly rolling it up after having brushed each section, our lady German neighbour walked past seeing the Chef busy and me sat in my reclining chair, then giving me a strange look. '"Keep Fit" I said. "She missed the last session, and so I am helping her to exercise".

After the mat was rolled and stowed, I had the opportunity to tidy up the rear garage locker. I am determined that we will travel much lighter in future. We now have enough experience to know what we need and what we don't.

Soon afterwards we had our electricity meter read, so tomorrow we just need to get our cable unhooked and pay the bill then we can be away, hopefully in good time.

'Herman wif der Husky' seems to have finally finished the jigsaw puzzle on his motorhome, personally I think he went a bit over the top, but hey, if he likes it, that's all that matters.

This evening we had our regular Sunday Roast, as usual it came complete with Spanish Yorkshire puddings. Tonight, as it was Mothers Day we had a dessert and I paid the bill. I spoil her, I know I do.

Ever since we arrived here I have wondered if we are actually eating veal for our Sunday Roast. I know they eat a lot of it here, I have chosen not to ask, and buried my head in the sand, because I disagree with the conditions the poor calves are kept in. We passed a number of veal crates on the journey from Santander to Benicassim, and that was bad enough. Had I found out it was veal I would have refused to eat it, which would have denied the Chef her Sunday roasts and a nights away from the kitchen. So I am preferring to stay ignorant on the matter. Something I don't like doing.

We are now ready for setting off tomorrow. We have enjoyed our stay here very much, but it's time to move on, the real adventures, if there are any, lay ahead.

Tomorrow we set out for Benidorm, where we'll catch a train or tram to Alicante for a look round. After that we'll probably head for Cartagena, only because I like the sound of it. From there we'll go inland to Gaudix where we hope to get a closer look at the troglodyte cave dwellings.

Internet will probably be a bit hit and miss, though I'll do my best to keep the blog as up to date as I can. I do have a Mi-Fi but the problem is I don't know how many diggerbytes there are in a jiggabyte, so have no way of knowing how far my two PAYG sim cards will go.

I shall now add a new subpage to the blog 'Benicassim - Gib' (there's a restriction on the number of characters I can use).

....see you tomorrow in Benidorm .....god-willing.


25. Mar, 2017

The Chef's kitchen. Hiding under the wipe-clean cover hides the sink and three-ring gas hob. Electric hobs are placed on a piece of plywood on the cover

The Chef's kitchen. Hiding under the wipe-clean cover hides the sink and three-ring gas hob. Electric hobs are placed on a piece of plywood on the cover