Welcome back. I have renewed the blog subscription for another year. We know we are coming towards the end of our motorhoming days and have now agreed to review the matter each year. For this year we are hoping to undertake two trips. This one to Portugal and Spain and another in September to Austria.

Unlike previous trips I will not be updating the blog on a daily basis whilst we are away. For too long The Chef has had to put up with me spending too much time uploading the days offerings each evening. Instead the trip will be added to as and when I have spare time during 'rest' days and if all else fails it will be completed when we get back home. Having access to high speed internet at home will greatly speed up the process of sharing the posts.

Back in December 2022 there had been 920,000 visitors to the blog and on target to hit one million visits by mid-summer last year, but after one.com bought out Simplesites and migrated the postings to their servers it all started to go wrong, and I'm quite sure we lost a large number of our regular visitors, to the point where it is now difficult to find the motivation to keep it going.

We will be setting sail from Portsmouth on 12th April heading for Santander, arriving on the Sunday morning. It's cheating a bit I know but it will save the poor Chef having to fight to stay awake whilst driving all the way south.