19. May, 2020

Given that this trip, covering a ferry crossing and a spell at Bonterra Park at Benicassim is pretty much the same as 'Spain 2016' I was a bit stuck as to how I could make the ferry crossing sound a bit different. Although we were to be on a different vessel, the 'Cap Finisterre' sailing to Bilbao rather than the 'Pont Avon' sailing to Santander, a ship is a ship pretty much.

Well those helpful folk at Brittany Ferries helped me out - with just 48 hours notice they cancelled the sailing. Just like that, the weather was just too rough they said. Though I must admit, given the strong winds we've had recently I did expect a bouncy crossing, but at least we would have got there.

Thinking all passengers would have received the same email  I wasted no time in booking a crossing to Calais on Le Shuttle, at least that doesn't get effected by rough seas.