Welcome back. Nothing much has changed since we returned from the European mainland back in May, other than the country being even deeper in the pooh. Brits are having to endure the chaos at airports in their attempts to get away on a holiday because most of the UK hotels are full of illegal migrants enjoying a life of luxury at our expense. On top of that our once great nation, which once had the skills to design and build our own nuclear power stations can't now even build junior schools without the fear of them falling down after thirty years. Whoever thought hard hats would ever become part of the school uniform. Who could ever imagine that there were experts within government and the construction industry who believed 'Cadbury's Concrete' could ever be as strong as the proper mixture. I call it 'Cadbury's Concrete' because it seems to be made in the same way as one of their mint chocolate 'Aero' bars.

This is likely to be the last trip we will post on the blog, but never say never. I am determined that on our next, and possibly last trip in the spring will be blog-free leaving me more time to spend with my darling Chef, though I may take notes and put something together once we're home, as it will include Portugal, somewhere we haven't been before.

The sad thing is that up until last December we'd had 930,000 visits to the blog, but One.com then took over the hosting and it all went to pot. Never mind, we'll carry on in the hope that somebody out there is reading it.

For this trip we're staying in the UK. Not our favourite motorhoming destination, but The Chef has a big birthday coming up in early October and we need to be home by then, and I don't want to cross the channel and rush around as we did on the last trip to get her back for her granddaughters Charlotte's graduation ceremony.

So we'll be spending most of the time in North Yorkshire, but intend mopping up a few other places as we make our way south and home.